The total body conditioning workout.

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Push Up Board

Push Up Board

Ancient Tool for Modern Warriors

"I train religiously with my push-up board and appreciate the results: a more resilient, flexible elbow and shoulder girdle, increased spinal mobility and tremendous strength/endurance in the arms, chest and shoulders. These attributes have well-served me in my own athletic career, especially in jiu-jitsu. I also credit the push-up board with anti-aging benefits, because of the yoga-like movements which develop suppleness in the spine. The push-up board, combined with body weight rows or pull-ups, provides a complete and balanced upper body workout."

Steve Maxwell
Named one of the Top 100 Trainers in the US by Men's Journal
Holder of six Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Pan American Championships
Three BJJ International Master-Senior Championships
One of three American Black Belts to hold a world title.

Steve Maxwell demonstrating the "Twisting Half Moon Push Up"

It Just Works

In our search for useful fitness we are always looking at new ways to get better results more efficiently. This has led us down some interesting paths. This time one of those paths led us to the humble push up board, which has been used for millenia. Ancient soldiers, whose life depended on their strength, endurance and abilities, took the time to build and use these boards. Why? It just works. Using modern workout techniques with the board we were seeing whole body improvements in strength, endurance and flexibility. The push up board has become an important part of our routine and we carry one whenever we travel. On the path of health and fitness it's hard to beat a combination of . . . ancient tools and modern warriors. Learn More...

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The Push Up Board